What can we do for you?

We are specialists when it comes to designing and producing electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic components. In many areas, intelligent software plays an important and innovative role in collaboration with high-performance mechanics. Our service portfolio covers the design and manufacture of simple and complex components, component assembly, and development services.


Complete development of tools and system components – from dimensioning, selecting materials to construction as well as CAD-/-CNC aided production and test planning and conduction. We take your ideas and requirements and turn them into production-oriented developments and designs.

Your Workbench

Standard components off the shelf are not always suitable for high-performance applications in every environment. Sometimes modifications and extensions become necessary to successfully use the system solution with the given criteria. Some customers focusing on larger serials do not have the capacity or the structures to quickly and efficiently implement adaptations. This is where we come to the table.


We are reliable and focused. This special qualifies us as a competent partner, especially for small and medium production volumes – Because we offer this all from one source, including the preliminary development, the construction of prototypes, as well as pilot series and series production.