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Flexible connectors

WIGGINS W900 Flexible Connectors MIL-C-22263 Spec.

Wiggins W900 flexible connectors

Design and Function

Clam shell closure locks automatically when the two halves are snapped together and it can not disengage accidentally since all four latch pawls must be lifted simultaneously to disengage the latch.
Quick disconnect action of the latch simplifies and facilitates assembly and removal by one hand.
Visual inspection from a distance provides positive indication that the closure is fully engaged and securely locked.
Axial adjustment 1/4″ minimum; angular misalignment for full coupling +/-4°.
Coupling design conforms to and has been qualified for all applicable military and commercial specification requirements for flexible fuel-, oil-, water- and air systems.

Technical data:

  • Operating Pressure: 125 psi (Specification rated pressure may be substantially higher depending upon size and other system requirements.)
  • Proofen pressure: 250 psi
  • Burst pressure: 375 psi
  • Temperature: up to 450°F, depending primarly on O-ring material.
  • Flexibility: 8° total angular tube flexure (+/-4° per tube end centerline)
  • Axial movement: up to +/- 1/8 inch from initially centered installation for a total of 1/4 inch
  • Seals: uses standard MS33666 O-Ring sizes. Material: FPM

Catalogue coupling clamshell & sleeve + datasheet
Catalogue O-Rings + datasheet


FC Fitting

FC fitting

FC flange fittings
Catalogue FC flange fittings

FC Kelchfitting

FC ferrule fittings
Catalogue FC ferrule fittings

FC ferrule and flange adapters to metric thread

FC Ferrule adaptors

FC ferrule adapters
Catalogue FC ferrule adapters

FC flange adaptors

FC flange adapters
Catalogue FC flange adapters

FC transformer to J.I.C. available in every size also jump sizes

FC transformer to J.I.C. available in every size also jump sizes
FC transformer to J.I.C. available in every size also jump sizes.2

WIG-O-FLEX sleeves

WIG-O-FLEX sleeves

From left to right: stainless steel, stainless stell with hump, aluminium hard coated, aluminium hard coated with hump, aluminium anodized

WIG-O-FLEX sleeves.2

Detail: aluminium hard coated with hump

Datasheet WIG-O-FLEX sleeves
Catalogue WIG-O-FLEX sleeves

WIG-O-FLEX welding flanges in aluminium and stainless steel

WIG-O-FLEX welding flanges in aluminium and stainless steel

Datasheet WIG-O-FLEX welding flanges
Catalogue WIG-O-FLEX welding flanges

Caps and Plugs


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