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  • Oilpick container with filter 60 µm
  • To add cooling water in the pit lane if the engine is hot
  • The receiver is fitted inside or outside the car
  • The pressurized container allows to inject water into the hot cooling system without spillage

The basis

The basis of our Waterpick is the container with two different capacities: 9l and 18l. Please be aware, that you have to order the hose and the connection system additionally.

Capacity of 9 l
Z-B 1000 1209

  • Pressurized bottle to refill water up to 6-7 liters in the pit lane
  • Total capacity of 9.0 liters

Capacity of 18 l
Z-B 1000 1119

  • Pressurized bottle to refill water up to 13 liters in the pit lane
  • Total capacity 18.0 liters.

The conncetion systems

Depending on which filling system you prefer, we can equip the container with the appropriate connection system. There are three different Waterpick tools available (A, B or C).

A) Waterpick tool CPC

Consisting of a 1.5m Waterpick hose and a CPC coupling dispenser
Z-B 1014 0001

Waterpick tool CPC

B) Waterpick tool Stäubli

Consisting of a 1.5m Waterpick hose and a Stäubli coupling dispenser
Z-B 1014 0004


C) Waterpick tool with filling gun

Z-V 9000 0008 Gun
B-S 1060 0015 Waterpick hose 1.5m

Waterpick gun


Additionally available:
Z-V 9000 0007 Receiver at car side
Z-V 9000 0088 Dustcap for receiver

Waterpick receiverWaterpick dustcap




The WATERFLUSH was developed to fill the cooling water system of a vehicle without air and to refill, drain or clean the coolant. It consists of the following components:

• 30 liter tank with vent valve 

• Mixing valve

• Diaphragm pump – optionally with 12 VDC or 115 VAC or 230 VAC (see table)

The choice

Depending on the vehicle-specific requirements for couplings (female / male)  and connections, the following system variants can be ordered:

WATERFLUSH with CPC system 

Z-B 1000 3023 12 V / DC
Z-B 1000 3022 115 V / AC
Z-B 1000 3021 230 V / AC


WATERFLUSH with Stäubli system 

Z-B 1000 3019 12 V / DC
Z-B 1000 3018 115 V / AC
Z-B 1000 3017 230 V / AC



Download Instructions

Download Bedienungsanleitung


WATERFLUSH accessories and spare parts

CPC couplings spare parts kit

  • 3 QDV couplings (female) for hose 12 mm
  • 2 QDV couplings (male) for hose 12 mm
  • 4 QDV couplings (male) with external thread 1/2” BSP
  • 1 couplings (male) with external thread 3/8“ BSP

Article no. Z-B 1000 3009


Replacement pumps

Article no.
H-P 2000 0019 12 V / DC
H-P 2000 0038 115 V / AC
H-P 2000 0036 230 V / AC


Coupling Converter-Kit


Enables the WATERFLUSH to operate with both systems.

Article no. Z-B 1000 3020


Air Blow Tool


Blow-off tool for cooling water with compressed air

Supports the suction pump of the WATERFLUSH for complete draining of the cooling water circuit.


Article no. Z-B 1000 3026


Article no. Z-B 1000 3008


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