SOBEK Motorsporttechnik – electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic high-performance products

Air Jacks

The Sobek air jack is a high-end quality product constructed especially for the motorsport industry. Special solutions can be offered according to the costumers’ request.

AIRJACK M58 / 50 mm

Airjack M58 50mm

Z-Z 0057 0150

AIRJACK M58 / 50 mm, stroke 150 mm, mass 755 g

AIRJACK M52 / 44 mm

Airjack M52 44mm

Z-Z 0052 0220
AIRJACK M52 / 44 mm, stroke 220 mm, mass 1.069 g

AIRJACK M67,5 / 60 mm

Airjack M67,5 60mm

Z-Z 0067 0251
AIRJACK M67,5 / 60 mm, stroke 246 mm, mass 1.260 g


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