External preheater for fluid systems

Compact and powerful preheater for rapid heating, e.g. of the cooling water circuit. Integrated display with temperature indication and temperature presetting. Container for fluid storage and integration of other heating circuits optional.


  • Dimensions standard: 400 mm x 230 mm x 245 mm
  • Weight standard: 10,7 kg
  • Powder-coated  aluminum housing with handle
  • Color according to customers specifications


  • LiTec QDV device-related, other QDVs on request
  • Filling hose vehicle related according to customers specs
  • Power supply: 380 / 220 VAC
  • Automatic adjustment of supply voltage on request


  • Heating power: 6 kW (380 VAC) – 3 kW (220 VAC)
  • Flow rate pump: free flow 6,1 l/min; maximum pressure 4,1 bar
  • Temperature range up to 85 °C; higher temperatures on request
  • Medium standard: Cooling water (with glycol)
  • Controlling of all components according to customers specifications

On-Board Oil Heater and Control Unit for heating and tempering of oil circuits

Z-B 0005 0001 + Z-B 0006 0001

Electric powered On-Board Oil Heater (Z-B 0005 0001, just 230 g of weight) designed for heating and tempering of oil circuits e. g. to optimize the oil temperature before race or qualifying. At 20 °C oil temperature, the electrical power is 500 W but this can be adapted to customer requirements. An integrated temperature sensor in combination with an external Control Unit (Z-B 0006 0001) precisely heats and tempers the oil.


  • On-Board Oil Heater: 500 W at 20 °C oil temperature, 230 g
  • External Control unit: Adjustable target temperature, adjustable alert thresholds
  • Hydraulic connections: -08 JIC connectors (other connections, e. g. -08 Wiggins available)
  • Electric connection On-Board Oil Heater: Souriau 8STA 0 12-26 PN (other connections available)
  • Electric connection Control Unit: Souriau 8STA 0 12-26 SN (other connections available)
  • Electric power/voltage: Can be adapted to customer requirements