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PEEK Pump EWOC 1080-2 for water/glycol or KERS oil

PEEK Pump EWOC 1080-2 for water/glycol or KERS oil

Z-P 2000 0073

The evolution of our PEEK Pump EWOC 800-3: Approximately 10% more power lead to 1080 l/h at 2.0 bar (at condition of 50 °C medium and ambient temperature). The performance data is adjustable depending on load condition, processor and ambient/medium temperature.

All pumps are optimized to the customer specific operating point to enhance efficiency (e.g. by calculating the optimal motor winding).

This electrically driven high-performance pump is designed for water/glycol or KERS oil with BLDC motor and intelligent control electronics. The pump head is made of PEEK to avoid metallic abrasion (gerotor outrunner made of TECA PEEK). PEEK is a high-performance material with exceptional properties such as high wear, chemical and moisture resistance combined with high strength, dimensional stability and stiffness. It is the material of choice for aggressive environments such as high temperatures, wet processes, and heavy loads.


  • Pump: Displacement pump (gerotor) with integrated bypass valve
  • Bypass valve: Opening pressures according to customer requirements (max. 3.1 bar)
  • Engine: BLDC external rotor
  • Motor control: Sensored or self-sensing
  • Control electronics:
    • Standard ON/OFF with intelligent performance control depending on load status, processor temperature and ambient/medium temperature
    • Customer-specific interfaces (CAN, LIN etc.) available
  • Hydraulic connections: -08 Wiggins tube connectors (other connections, e.g. JIC available)
  • Electric connections: Souriau 8STA0 12-26 PN, on vehicle side 8STA6 12-26 SN

Download datasheet (German)

Download datasheet (English)




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