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Oil Pump IFC 540-3 for transmission cooling

Oil Pump IFC 540-3 for transmission cooling

Oil Pump IFC 540-3 for transmission cooling

Z-P 2000 0051

Electrically driven high-performance pump designed for transmission oil cooling with BLDC-motor and intelligent control electronics (IFC = Intelligent Flow Control). At condition of 120 °C medium and 80 °C ambient temperature the pump delivers 540 l/h at 3 bar, but the performance data is adjustable depending on load condition, processor and ambient/medium temperature.

All pumps are optimized to the customer specific operating point to enhance efficiency (e.g. by calculating the optimal motor winding).


  • Pump: Displacement pump (gerotor)
  • Engine: BLDC internal rotor
  • Motor control: Sensored or self-sensing
  • Control electronics:
    • Standard ON/OFF with intelligent performance control depending on load status, processor temperature and ambient/medium temperature
    • Customer-specific interfaces (CAN, LIN etc.) available
  • Hydraulic connections:-08 Wiggins tube connectors (other connections, e.g. JIC available)
  • Electric connections: Souriau plug 8STA0 10-98 PN, vehicle side 8STA6-10-98 SN

Download datasheet (German)

Download datasheet (English)




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