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New tank vent valve: Light weight – compact – E85 applicable

New tank vent valve: Light weight – compact – E85 applicable

Our new light weight two ball tank vent valve has a total length of 75,7 mm, weights 45 g only  and responses faster than comparable products. This valve consists of a PVCF and a stainless steel ball and is known for reliable, bubble-tight sealing. Thus, they are a great choice for fuel applications where tight shutoff is necessary. Essentially they allow the tank to vent and prevent fuel from escaping e.g. in case of a rollover.

The key features are:

  • Valve for venting the vehicle tank
  • Prevents accidental spillage of fuel
  • Overpressure function (in closed condition, the valve opens between 150-200 mbar)
  • Seal material FKM BF750 (E85 applicable)
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Fast response time of the valve
  • Other connection types are available on request
  • Installation in vertical position only


Z-V 0010 0606

Download datasheet (english), Download datasheet (german)


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