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New Oilstick Magnum with F2K Dispenser

New Oilstick Magnum with F2K Dispenser

Z-B 1000 1043

  • Pressurized bottle to refill oil up to 1.8 litres, for example in the pit lane
  • Total capacity: 2.2 litres
  • Weight: approx. 970 g
  • Working pressure: 6 bar (tested 25 bar)
  • Easy to fill; pressurize with Schrader valve, easy to stick onto the receiver nipple
  • Dry break, no spillage



F2K Dispenser
Article no. Z-Q 0200 0015


Additional equipment

F2K Receiver
Article no. Z-Q 0200 0014


Download datasheet (German)

Download datasheet (English)


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