Twin fuel pump assembly with filters and valves

Exemplary assembly. Pump pressures, connections and filter sizes are freely configurable. Please get in touch.

  1. Feed filter 150 µ -08 D
    Z-C 1000 0007
  2. Feed bridge -08 D
    Z-A 9000 0026
  3. Bosch pump 300 l/h
    H-P 1000 0088
  4. HD bridge + valve
    Z-A 9000 7003
  5. Fine filter 20µ -06 D
    H-C 1000 5555
  6. Feed side -08 D
  7. Pressure side -06 D
  8. Control exit -06 D

Bracket for BOSCH fuel pump 60 mm

H-P 1000 0019: Aluminum holder for BOSCH pump 60 mm (top)
H-P 1000 0006: CFK bracket for BOSCH pump 60 mm (bottom)

The Bosch fuel pumps could be deformed when using cable ties to fix them. The current amperage and the fuel temperature may increase as well.

The pump can be fixed with the help of this bracket and thus prevents deformation and creates an environment in which the pump can work optimally.

High-pressure pump in-tank – H-P 1000 series

H-P 1000 0010: pump with original nipple 9.5 mm
Z-P 1000 0012: pump with connector -06 D
Z-P 1000 0013: pump with nipple 8 mm
Z-C 0011 0007: filter bag

The standard connection in this system is a plastic nipple for insertion. This is not an ideal solution for motorsport applications. Thus we replace the original nipple with a customer-required connector. The original outlet will be closed.