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Delivering small, high-performance products with high power density is our DNA.
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We come into place when applications require high-performance and modern thermal management, where redundancy systems are needed for safety-critical areas or installation space, and saving weight is an essential aspect. Thanks to our fundamental know-how for hydraulic and electronic components and systems, we develop integrated system solutions for various applications, such as electromobility in the air, the sea, and on land or mobile applications like hand-held tools as well as intelligent control of media for cooling systems of motors, batteries, inverters.

The Value Of Our Products


Our centrifugal pumps achieve an impressive overall efficiency, a performance unmatched when considering both power density and efficiency.

Centrifugal Pumps

From Small to Big

IFC 2100-1 LD 47%
IFC 8000-3 49%

High Power Density

Our products, boasting exceptional power density, are frequently employed to evaluate the effectiveness and capability of devices or systems, especially in scenarios where limitations related to space, weight, or size hold significant importance.

Safety – Our Redundancy System


A single system failure, such as the motor, should not result in a complete system breakdown or disruption. This is precisely where SOBEK’s redundancy system plays a vital role. Its purpose is to guarantee the uninterrupted operation of a system or device, even in the event of component failures. This involves replicating essential components or functions, allowing for a smooth transition to a backup if one component fails, thus averting system downtime or failure.

  • Power amplifier fails – redundant ECU takes over
  • Current measurement fails – redundant ECU takes over
  • Voltage measurement fails – redundant ECU takes over
  • Motor phase break – Full performance
  • Communication failure – Full control, not just failsafe mode

Intelligent Flow Control

Our products come with an integrated Control Electronics Unit, providing streamlined functionality and enhanced data accessibility. Embedded algorithms for temperature, torque, power, blockage control, and redundancy features ensure secure and reliable operation. These algorithms also offer real-time insights into the pump’s status, including a comprehensive fault diagnosis system (CAN, UART, LIN, PWM, etc.)

It is our objective to find the best solution for your application.

Give us your specific requirements, and we will tailor our development to meet your needs.

Our Industries


In a racing setting, technology pushes materials to their utmost physical thresholds. It requires a balance between technical requirements, adapting to rapidly changing scenarios, and prioritizing safety comprehension. Seen by many as the ultimate arena to test the ‘best of the best’ every motorsports company knows that winning is the only aim – second place is the first loser.

Within the realm of Motorsport, we specialize in producing and developing electrical, electromechanical, and hydraulic products and components, committed to providing our clients with cutting-edge engineering solutions that offer exceptional value. Initially rooted in traditional motorsports products, our expertise has grown to encompass the electric and hybrid vehicle sectors.


The development of medical devices and equipment aims to preserve and enhance human health. Hence, the expectations placed on suppliers in this industry are exceptionally demanding.


In the aerospace sector, the stringent demands placed on the components you acquire are unmatched. You require an unwaveringly dependable partner capable of delivering tailored solutions to every challenge. Performance standards are not just expected; they are a prerequisite. So, what provides you with peace of mind when making a procurement decision?

Our EN 9100 certification serves as the ultimate assurance of the exceptional quality of our electric drive solutions, including Brushless In- and Outrunners, along with high-performance power controllers.


Our control electronics and electric motors can be found in numerous applications in industry. We can be found wherever high performance is needed. Especially in mobile applications, we can score with our small, powerful products.