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ADAC Tankpilot

ADAC tankpilot

The ADAC Tankpilot is a refueling system we developed by the order of the ADAC for the 24h race at the Nuerburgring.

New as from 2014: Additional protection against accidental opening in uncoupled situation. Please note that the actual system is mandatory for season 2015.

Further information can be found in our information sheet.

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One set consists of:

  • 1x refueling bottle (without stand)
  • 1x probe
  • 1x receiver
  • 2x tank vent valve -10 (Tank side dash 10 male, out hose connection)

Model of receiver (step-file)

Drawing of receiver

Model of TVBE -10 (step-file)

Drawing TVBE


  • Bottle with straight, 45°, 90° connector 1900,- € + 19% tax
  • Bottle with alternative angled connector 2000,- € + 19% tax
Fuel supply equipment tool for Porsche 996 and 997
Fuel supply equipment tool for Porsche 996 and 997.2

Fuel supply equipment tool for Porsche 996 and 997

The refuelling bottle is designed for fast and comfortable refuelling at the race track.
It’s especially made for use at the models 996 and 997.
The position of the handles and the angle of the new compact push-pull valve with the tube meet the original filler neck of these models perfectly.
For refuelling you have to insert the filler nozzle into the filler neck until the rubber bumpers meet the neck. While pushing the bottle forward in this direction the valve will open and the fuel will flow into the fuel cell.
The process will stop at any time when pulling the bottle.
To shorten the filling time it is recommended to open the refill cap of the bottle.
The stainless steel base is made to fit the bottle properly and safe.

Technical details:
• Bottle made of transparent HDPE with two handles and a scale from 5 to 25 litres
• Valve and housing are madeof  aluminium F38, black anodised and stainless steel 1.4305
• Flow optimised design
• Sealing and bumper made of Viton®
• closing spring made of stainless steel 1.4310
• filling time approx. 30 seconds for 25 litres (while cap is open)

Z-T 9025 0007
Refill bottle 25 litres 996 & 997 with rack

Twin Dry Break unit GTP for 100 l FIA rubber cell


Z-T 9001 0003
Bottle 25 litres with probe complete

Twin dry break unit GTP for 100l FIA rubber cell.2
Dry break dispenser + receiver

H-T 9001 0001
Dry break dispenser

H-T 9001 0002
Receiver for dry break

Rack for the unit

H-T 9001 0009
Rack for the unit

Quick pick

Quick pick

The Quick Pick is based on the Tankpilot system without restriction of flow rate.
Due to maximal flow rate spillage is reduced to a minimum.
If you already have the Tankpilot system with the 15 litres bottle just replace the restrictor by the screw nut (H-T 9002-0034).
This fact results in the possibility to use a single refuelling system beyond endurance races where the Tankpilot is mandatory.

Do you need more capacity?
The Quick Pick system can also be ordered with a 25 litres bottle.
The bottle is available with straight, 45° or 90° connector (standard); any alternative angled connector is available on request.

Further Information provides our detailed Endurance Tools brochure


SAE adapter

Z-A 5000 0800

Safe, quick and direct connection to SAE-nipple No pressure loss and optimized flow

  • Adapter freely rotatable
  • E85 applicable
  • Material: aluminum or stainless steel
  • Connection thread: -4 / -6 / -8 (other dimensions on customers request)
  • Weight 22,2 g (aluminum)
  • Proof pressure 30 bar

Download datasheet

Fuel cooler

Fuel cooler

Lower the temperatures of a variety of fluids with the compact fluid coolers.
Their tube-and-fin design gives them excellent cooling characteristics without costing a fortune.
These compact coolers will fit in most tight places and can be used to cool fuel, engine oil, differential lube, or power steering fluid.
Their high-flow design makes them ideal for use with high-volume fuel pumps.
Mounting hardware is included.

Download datasheet